Legends Can't Be Held Down


It takes focus to rise to the top. Never give up control to anyone or anything, including tobacco. Watch to find out why keeping it tobacco-free helps you level up.

People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this playlist is: "LU 30 In a stylish office lined with platinum records in a high-rise, three people chat inaudibly. MAN: Your come up starts at the bottom. On the sidewalk far below, a young man stares upward wearing a smirk. Digital green patterns light up around his eye. MAN: But you won't settle for the ground floor. The young man steps through a door surrounded by green lights. ON SCREEN TEXT: LEVEL UP MAN: Level up. The young man stands between two rows of enormous loudspeakers with his arms crossed. The camera zooms out to reveal a cityscape of loudspeakers as tall as buildings towering around the young man. He jumps up and through a lighted portal that appears above him. ON SCREEN TEXT: GOAT MAN: Legends can't be held down. The young man lands on a chessboard, toppling the pieces around him. Green graphics appear over his head. ON SCREEN TEXT: NEVER GIVE UP CONTROL MAN: Never lose focus on making moves. Never give up control to anyone or anything, including tobacco. The camera pans beneath his feet, revealing a desolate reddish bunker lined by barrels emblazoned with skulls and crossbones. Yellow graphics hover in the air above the bunker. ON SCREEN TEXT: ADDICTION TO CIGARETTES MAN: 'Cause addiction to cigarettes can just pull you down. In the stylish office, the young man shakes a man's hand as others look on, smiling. MAN: Control your rise to the top. The camera zooms out of the office to reveal a brightly lit cityscape. Black and green graphics appear in the sky. ON SCREEN TEXT: FRESH EMPIRE MAN: Level up. Fresh empire. Keep it fresh. Live tobacco free." For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov';

If you are having difficulty playing the following video please either use Internet Explorer to access the video or change your YouTube player from Flash to HTML5 and refresh your browser window. The Flash based YouTube player is currently not accessible to screen readers. Click here to visit the YouTube HTML5 page to switch your player if you are having trouble playing this video. YouTube HTML5 page

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