A Fresh Look

A Fresh Look Speaks for itself

What does your style say about you? Choose your avatar below to create your look and then see what advice our barber, Emmanuel Hudson, has for you about keeping it fresh.

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When they look at you, what will they see? Emmanuel Hudson drops facts on how you can keep your look fresh.

People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this playlist is: "Outside a barbershop with a red and blue striped pole, a young barber speaks to the camera. BARBER: Out here at the freshest shop in the city, we hook it up. Inside the barbershop, razors buzz as men receive various haircuts. The barber gestures at a customer. BARBER: High tops, temp fades... A man smiles as he takes a selfie. The barber playfully runs his hand over a man's afro. BARBER: Shape-ups, and whatever this guy has. The guys in the shop laugh. The barber continues speaking to the camera. BARBER: All of it. A woman shaves the back of a customer's neck with an electric razor. Then the barber looks over the customer's shoulder into the mirror, and they both smile and nod. BARBER: But no matter how fresh your cut is, smoking can ruin it. The barber continues speaking to the camera, and he raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. BARBER: Like losing your teeth or making your breath smell like an ashtray. The barber continues speaking to the camera, then admires himself in a hand mirror and grins. BARBER: Real talk, smoking cigs can mess with your look. The barber removes a haircutting cape from a customer. BARBER: So I guarantee, when you leave here, you'll be looking and smelling fresh. The barber and the customer do a handshake. The barber continues speaking to the camera. BARBER: Whether or not you keep it fresh...is up to you. Arm in arm, the customer and a woman leave the barbershop, and the customer waves good-bye. The bell dings as he opens the door. The barber places a shaving brush in front of the mirror. A black star on a green background appears and unfolds into a black box with the words "Fresh Empire" above a small green star. At the bottom of the screen are social media icons and small text details. ON SCREEN TEXT: FRESH EMPIRE KEEP IT FRESH. LIVE TOBACCO-FREE. @FRESHEMPIRE BARBER: Keep it fresh. Live tobacco-free." For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov';

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