40 plays to live by

Push your hustle to that next level with these plays from Fresh Empire's Hustle Playbook.

Play 1

Respect The Greats

You gotta be able to recognize greatness to see it in your own future.

Play 2

Focus on the Future, Not the Past

Focus on the future and keep building. Never let your past keep you from achieving greatness.

Play 3

Hustle Tobacco-Free

You hustle to move up in this game and smoking cigs just knocks you down. So keep your hustle tobacco-free.

Play 4

Surround Yourself with Greatness

Look around at who’s poppin’. Most of ‘em got a crew they’ve been running with from the jump. Build yours.

Play 5

Live Tobacco-Free

Smoking cigarettes can claim more than 10 years of your life. Don’t let cigs cut your life short.

Play 6

Change the Game

You know how some artists always seem to stay on top? It’s ‘cause they’re always switchin’ up their sound and changing the game. Don’t follow trends, set them.

Play 7

Stay Loyal to the Real Ones

No matter how big you make it, never forget the ones who held you down since day 1.

Play 8

Always Keep Your Smile Fresh

Messin’ with cigs means you’re slippin’ up on your fresh smile. Smoking can stain your teeth - that’s just the basics.

Play 9

No Days Off

While you’re playin’, someone else is workin’. They just passed you. From here on out, no days off.

Play 10

Keep Your Swag on Point

Maintain your freshness like you would your swag by living tobacco-free, ‘cause smoking cigs can cut 10 years off your life.

Play 11

Always Know Your Next Move

Play chess, not checkers. If you don’t look ahead and plan your moves, you’ll never pop off. Checkmate.

Play 12

Earn Your Spot

No silver spoons. No overnight schemes. Just focus and hustle hard. Put that work in, and you’ll earn your spot.

Play 13

Control Your Destiny

Each cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes. Live tobacco-free so you have enough time to reach your destiny. Make your moves count.

Play 14

Collab When You Can

On the real, it does matter who you know. Keep your possibilities endless by collaborating with other talent when you get the chance.

Play 15

Keep Your Squad 100

Make it to the top with a loyal squad who shares the same vision as you.

Play 16

Chase Life

Get to where you’re going by chasing life tobacco-free, ‘cause smoking cigs is like chasing disease and death.

Play 17

Stay Humble

No matter how big you get, stay humble. Karma has a funny way of snatching success from those who take it for granted.

Play 18

Focus On You, Not Them

To reach your destination, you gotta stay in your lane. Worrying about others can take your focus off where you’re headin’.

Play 19

Only Compete with yourself

Work on bein’ better than you were yesterday, without tobacco pullin’ you back. Focus on that, and you’ll move ahead of the comp.

Play 20

Rep Your Crew

Rise and fall together, that’s how a real squad moves. Remain a collective and always have each other’s back.

Play 21

Give Props When Props Are Due

Show love. That type of positive energy always finds its way back to you.

Play 22

Spend $$ On Your Grind, Not A Cig Addiction

Smoking half a pack a day costs $1,000 a year on average. Take that $$ and cop a new laptop or camera instead.

Play 23

Know When To Go In

There’s a time and a place for goin’ in. Save that flexin’ until somethin’ good can come out of it. And when that moment comes, GO IN.

Play 24

Stay Inspired

You think the GOATs are inspired by themselves? Don’t play yourself. Dive into movies, music, photos, and other creative stuff for inspiration.

Play 25

Stay In Control

Addiction is not the wave. Stay in control by staying tobacco-free.

Play 26

Know The Hustle

Learn the ins and outs of the game and how others are movin’. You’ll learn new ways to hustle your way to the top, faster.

Play 27

Turn L's into W's

Like the old saying goes, learn from ya mistakes. And next time, flip the script and get that W.

Play 28

Look Out For Fam

With fam, the possibilities are endless. Look out for ‘em by keeping it tobacco-free, ‘cause if you smoke cigs, your younger sibs are more likely to smoke, too.

Play 29

Keep It Positive

Positive energy breeds positive results. With that type of mindset, there’s only one way to go.

Play 30

Know Your Options

Cigs limit your moves in life, ‘cause they can cut it short by 10 years. Keep it fresh. Live tobacco-free.

Play 31

Turn Your Struggle Into Success

Never fear what might arise when turning your struggles into success. Your struggles deserve poetic justice.

Play 32

Don't Just Hustle, Build An Empire

When you build an empire, you build for longevity. And smoking cigs robs you of that time. Keep your empire tobacco-free.

Play 33

Command Respect

Respect isn’t handed out, it’s earned through your character and how you move. Respect is everything.

Play 34

Strive For Greatness

Strive to be great so that you’ll never stand in another’s shadow. Own your hustle.

Play 35

Respect Your Brand

If you don’t put some respect on your brand, who else will? Respect your brand by living tobacco-free.

Play 36

Make Your Own Lane

Avoid ruining your hustle by keeping your focus on your vision. Make your lane and stay in it.

Play 37

Never Get Too Comfortable

The moment you get too comfortable is the moment you expose your weakness. Never let comfort be your weakness.

Play 38

Value Time

You can never buy back time, so keep it tobacco-free. ‘Cause smoking cigs can shorten your life by 10 years.

Play 39

Be Heard

Straight up, if you’re not being heard, you’re doing something wrong. Never let your voice be silenced.

Play 40

Claim Your Spot and Keep It

You hustled for that spot, so keep grindin’ to keep it. ‘Cause somebody else is always workin’ hard to take it from you.