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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is " Hip-hop music plays. A young man wearing heaphones sits at a desk, gesturing in the air. A young girl pokes her head around the door and watches him. YOUNG MAN: Every beat... A group of kids plays basketball on an outdoor court. A young woman shoots a lay-up. A young girl watching holds her hands up to her mouth and laughs. The young woman looks at her and claps. YOUNG WOMAN: Every net... A young man carrying books walks beside a younger girl down a sidewalk. The young man holds his arm out when they reach the crosswalk, then holds the girl's hand as they cross the street. YOUNG MAN: They watch us, and we watch out for them, because sometimes I'm all she's got. A young girl sits at a table, reading a book. A young woman stands behind her, pointing down at the book. YOUNG WOMAN: I'm trying to get to a better place for her and me. A neon green box with black text pops up across the middle of the screen over images of the young man and girl walking down the sidewalk, the young woman helping the girl at the table, and a young man watching a young boy break-dance on the floor. ON SCREEN TEXT: FACT: IF YOU SMOKE CIGARETTES, YOUR LITTLE BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO SMOKE TOO. YOUNG MAN: And if I smoke cigarettes, my little brother or sister is more likely to smoke cigarettes too. The young man break-dances, spinning on his head. The boy smiles and gestures as he watches. YOUNG MAN: Cigarettes' cycle of death and disease stops with me. The young man with the headphones guides the little girl's fingers over a keyboard. A black star in a neon green triangle appears over the girl playing the keyboard, then folds back as a black box expands across the screen. On the left side of the box, the Fresh Empire logo appears. On the right side of the box, white text appears that reads, "For the love of," above white text that rapidly cycles through the words "brother," "sister," "cousin," and ends on "family" in green text. White social media icons, "@FRESHEMPIRE," and the FDA logo and small white text appear below. Then a black sign with green and white text flips over the right side of the box. ON SCREEN TEXT: Brought to you by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ON SCREEN TEXT: KEEP IT FRESH. LIVE TOBACCO-FREE. MAN: For the love of family, keep it fresh. Live tobacco-free " For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov

The young ones in your fam look to you to see what’s up in life, so if you smoke cigs, they’re more likely to smoke, too. Watch this Fresh Empire video about keepin’ it 100 and living tobacco-free.
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