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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is " Hip-hop music plays. A young boy wearing a blue baseball cap and blue and white jersey stares at himself in a large mirror. A young man enters the room and takes the cap off the boy's head. YOUNG MAN: My little brother, he's always in my stuff, I swear. The young man sits on a couch, speaking with a young woman on his smartphone. His little brother pops up from behind the couch and winks at the phone. The young man glares over his shoulder. YOUNG MAN: The little dude plays too much. It's only because he's my little brother I put up with it. The young man speaks with the young woman outdoors. His brother comes up and leans on a railing behind the girl. YOUNG MAN: And, yeah, he's always watching me, but I'm always looking out for him. The boy sits on the steps of a building, watching three young men standing and talking on the sidewalk. The boy's brother looks over at him. A neon green box with black text pops up and expands across the bottom of the screen. Then the young man sits on the steps beside his brother. ON SCREEN TEXT: FACT: IF YOU SMOKE CIGARETTES, YOUR LITTLE BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO SMOKE TOO. YOUNG MAN: I'm staying fresh, like skipping out on cigarettes, because I know if I smoke, he's more likely to smoke cigarettes too. And no matter how much he gets on my nerve, he's family. Cigarettes' cycle of death and disease stops with me. A black star in a neon green triangle appears over the two brothers conversing, then folds back as a black box expands across the screen. On the left side of the box, the Fresh Empire logo appears. On the right side of the box, white text appears that reads, "For the love of," above white text that rapidly cycles through the words "brother," "sister," "cousin," and ends on "family" in green text. White social media icons, "@FRESHEMPIRE," and the FDA logo and small white text appear below. Then a black sign with green and white text flips over the right side of the box. ON SCREEN TEXT: Brought to you by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ON SCREEN TEXT: KEEP IT FRESH. LIVE TOBACCO-FREE. MAN: For the love of family, keep it fresh. Live tobacco-free. " For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov

From your style to how you make moves, your lil bro or sis wants to be just like you. Check out the video to see why you should live tobacco-free for the love of your family.


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