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People using screen readers may not be able to fully view information in this file. The content for this video is " A gritty, faded shot reveals a hand holding a clapboard with red numbers counting up in a warehouse. Jessica Williams stands behind the clapboard. Solemn hip-hop music plays. A camera crew and equipment stands in the warehouse around Jessica. She stands in the center below bright lights. Cut to a close-up of Jessica mouthing words and gesturing with a smile. Lime green text appears the left bottom corner of the screen over gritty quick shots of Jessica shooting a commercial. ON SCREEN TEXT: JESSICA WILLIAMS BREAK FREE ACTRESS & ARTIST Jessica sits in a room with camera equipment behind her and speaks to the camera. JESSICA: I live with my mother, my grandmother. Cut to multiple shots of old family photos featuring a young Jessica with various family members. JESSICA: I had my grandfather and my sister. They did what they could to make sure we were raised properly. Jessica continues speaking to the camera. JESSICA: Well, my grandfather was a heavy smoker. Every time I saw him, he had a cigarette in his hand. Because he was a stubborn man, you couldn't tell him to stop. The shot fades to black, then back to Jessica as she continues speaking to the camera. JESSICA: I didn't know that he had the cancer that bad. We went to his house, my mother and I, and he was laying on his floor. It was terrible. Cut to a sepia-tone photograph of Jessica's grandfather. Jessica stares at the camera, then continues speaking. JESSICA: It makes me hurt. Um... Jessica begins to cry and continues speaking to the camera. JESSICA: I miss my grandfather. And I would tell him he's a stupid man for doing what he did. He could have been here today with me. I do believe that my grandfather's passing affected my--the way I feel about cigarettes. Cut to a shot of a television playing Jessica's Break Free television spot as she raps. Lime green and white text appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. ON SCREEN TEXT: BREAK FREE - TV SPOT FRESH EMPIRE JESSICA (rapping): Pain, disease, death, cigarettes were to blame. But I overcame the block and the shock when my grandpa's lung cancer caused by cigarettes was caught. Jessica continues speaking to the camera. JESSICA: I believe that the fact that the story that you guys created was my story is a sign of destiny. Cut to a shot of a script for the Break Free television spot. ON SCREEN TEXT: BREAK FREE 30" TV - A Spot "Fresh and In Control: Break Free" A blurred shot reveals another part of the Break Free television spot script. Jessica continues speaking to the camera. JESSICA: It was meant for us all to connect and me to share my story with the world because you guys already had it ready. You just needed the person that actually went through it, and this is my story. Quick shots reveal Jessica shooting the Break Free television spot as various hands close the director's clapboard, various camera crew and equipment is shown, and Jessica stands in the warehouse. JESSICA: Losing my grandfather has influenced my whole musical being because it makes me more passionate. Jessica continues speaking to the camera. JESSICA: I'm not gonna lose another person to cigarettes. To me, being a leader means being tobaccofree. A square black graphic with lime green accents and lime green and white text appears over Jessica. ON SCREEN TEXT: FRESH EMPIRE KEEP IT FRESH. LIVE TOBACCO-FREE. #FRESHANDINCONTROL " For any more help, please email tobaccocampaigns@fda.hhs.gov

Exclusive behind the scenes video

Check out Jayy Starr’s story on how she overcame “pain, disease, and death.” And how her grandfather’s passing affected her stance against cigarettes. Witness the recounted tragedy that has influenced this “musical being.”


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