Trying to quit?

Here are some tips to help you keep it fresh

If you are trying to start living tobacco-free, Fresh Empire is with you. To keep it 100, it can be tough to quit. Many people need more than one try to quit for good, but your chance of being successful increases with every attempt. Stick with it. Check out the info below and keep it tobacco-free.

On average, smokers die at least 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. You have too much to live for to cut it short. Why do you want to live tobacco-free?



Stress is a normal part of the grind to the top. Some people say that they smoke cigs to reduce stress. Nope. Check this. Smoking not only fails at reducing stress, it can make your feelings of stress even worse.

See, when someone lights up, what they are really doing is reducing cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which include irritability, headache, and anxiety. The good news is that quitting smoking can actually help reduce your stress. Research shows that people who quit smoking and stay tobacco-free feel less stress than people who continue to smoke. Instead of reaching for a cigarette, try hitting up some healthier alternatives like:

Give yourself a short break from a stressful situation so that you can clear your mind and make a healthy decision about your next move.
Hit up a friend or someone you trust to talk through what you’re feeling.
Take some pics on your phone, work on a crazy beat, or pen some lyrics.
Maybe you’ve got a show coming up, a hot date to go on, or another stressful situation. Picture yourself rocking it to get motivated.
Get outside, practice some dance moves, or hit the courts.
Map out your path to success by making lists and checking in on your progress.
Keep your head up by thinking about everything you’re grateful for.
When you’re feeling down, take time to stop, think about what’s going on, and take a deep breath. You’ve got this.
Nobody’s perfect, so take a minute and chill… Just do you and keep things positive.
Health is wealth. Being physically run down can make it harder to deal with bad moods.

Dropping Cigs

Now is a great time to chill on cigs, because quitting while you’re still young can undo much of the health damage caused by smoking.

Continuing to smoke as a teen can lead to permanent lung damage and can increase your risk of chronic bronchitis and emphysema later in life. By quitting now, you’ll give your growing lungs a chance to reach their full capacity, which will help you be healthier and more physically fit.


Quit help

Putting the pack down isn’t always easy. Don’t give up though, because it can be done. The first days are the most uncomfortable as your body may miss having nicotine in its system.

This is called withdrawal. The physical symptoms of withdrawal, such as depressed mood, sleeping problems, irritability, and anxiety, should get much better about three weeks after you quit. You may still have strong urges to smoke, but these will become less frequent and less intense over time. Here are some ways to get support. You can do this, fam.

If you have previously tried cigarettes, QuitSTART is a free smartphone app, developed by the National Cancer Institute. It can help you track your cravings and moods, monitor your progress toward achieving smokefree milestones, identify your smoking triggers and upload personalized “pick-me-ups” and reminders to use during challenging times to help you successfully become and stay smokefree.
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SmokefreeTXT is a mobile text messaging program developed by the National Cancer Institute that provides 24/7 tips, advice and encouragement to help you take control. show more
This site is made for people your age and has a crazy amount of support info. show more
Quitlines are staffed by counselors trained to help you take control. These counselors, who are much like coaches, provide you with lots of helpful information, advice and support. No matter who you are, if you are looking to stop using tobacco, Quitlines can help. A quit-smoking coaching service is available through the toll-free telephone number: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or for more information visit. show more
Check out the National Cancer Institute’s service for quit support. Receive information and advice about quitting smoking through real-time instant messaging with a National Cancer Institute smoking cessation counselor. Support via LiveHelp is offered in English only, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET. It’s totally free and confidential. show more